Juan-Carlos Goilo

Juan-Carlos Goilo

Future Guides

Position:Project Lead Circular Innovation / Independent Artistic / Design Researcher
Organization:City of Amsterdam / Independent


Juan-Carlos Goilo, born and living in Curaçao, has a deep connection with the city of Amsterdam. Apart from the fact that he works for the municipality of Amsterdam, he also represents the free spirit of the city. He is characterized by his versatility, being an anthropologist and culture maker. He moves between art, research and social issues involving technology. He has now performed on many different stages as a spoken word artist and has also worked on several short films. He is the co-founder of the Curaçao Donut Economy and is a champion when it comes to a sustainable future. A forward thinker when it comes to social changes, J-C enjoys working on the interpersonal foundation needed to achieve long-term change.

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