Miguel Goede

Miguel Goede

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I am Miguel Goede, a versatile professional with expertise spanning scientific research, strategy development, writing, radio hosting, and management consulting. Beyond these roles, I also identify as a trendwatcher and philosopher. My primary passion revolves around the exploration of Good Governance for Sustainable Development in the context of Globalizing Small Island Developing States (SIDS) within the Caribbean region. In my capacity as a specialist, I provide guidance to governments and organizations, assisting them in adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of Society 5.0.

Founder of the University of Governance 5.0

I take great pride in establishing the University of Governance 5.0, an institution dedicated to nurturing direct and practical approaches aimed at addressing the challenges of our contemporary world. Through our comprehensive programs and guidance, both individuals and organizations acquire the essential skills needed to navigate the intricate realm of governance, ultimately contributing to a more prosperous future.

Additionally, I am the founder of Think Tank 5.0, an institution devoted to contemplation and innovation in the journey towards Society 5.0.

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