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Our vision

De CaraIbische eilanden Curaçao, Aruba, Saint Martin, Bonaire, Saint Eustatius en Saba staan de komende decennia voor grote economische en ecologische uitdagingen. A recent study* shows the islands are missing great opportunities right now (*study: Kleine eilanden, grote uitdagingen, mei 2020 link).

The economic challenges are the most visible, and the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed and enlarged these problems significantly. The islands are too dependent on tourism, leading to very fragile economies. The ecological challenges are equally large, if not larger, and predominantly arise from dated business models and products such as oil refineries and tourism. 

Critical to ensuring their future is increasing sustainability of the islands to 100%.
The islands as a group can become completely self-sufficient when it comes to energy, mobility and resources, following the example of other islands such as Samso, Tilos, Eigg and King Island (link). Knowledge, funding and most of all a well thought out plan are essential, thereby drawing on the lessons learned by other sustainable islands.