Appeltjes van Oranje 2022

<span><span>Appeltjes van Oranje 2022</span></span>

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Development for all youth is this year’s focus of the award program created to acknowledge and reward initiatives who are dedicated to accomplish an inclusive and engaged society. Projects to enter the 2022 competition can now be submitted.

The organizer, Oranje Fonds, is a fund located in the Netherlands, but also operating in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. They strive for inclusion for everyone in the society. Through social projects focused on connecting people from all walks of life, the fund aids in creating opportunities for development, innovation, continuance of existing projects and even taking them to the next level. All within the social domain.

Important to state is, that it is not only about providing funds. By also supporting projects with knowledge and network possibilities, time and recognition, more and more wonderful opportunities are created each year.

For the Appeltjes van Oranje 2022 the organization is looking for unique and exceptional projects which are dedicated to promote the equity for all youths. Projects for which the organizations do everything within their power to enhance the position of their age peers. Projects such as buddy projects connecting young people, initiatives that allow young refugees to meet their peers or projects supporting LGBTIQ+ youth with the help of young volunteers.

"This year's theme is Equity of Opportunities for all Youths. Unfortunately, this is not a given. In fact, this COVID-19 crisis has only exacerbated and further manifested the issue. Young people are particularly vulnerable to the loss of education, apprenticeships, (permanent) work, income, structure and social contacts. They experience more stress at home, for instance, from increased domestic violence, isolation and loss of perspectives. Furthermore, new groups of vulnerable youths are being added. We want everyone to participate in our society. And with everyone, we mean everyone.” as stated in the press release of Appeltjes van Oranje.

In May 2022 the awards will be handed out by King Willem-Alexander at Paleis Noordeinde in The Netherlands.

Nominations can be submitted till the 30th of September. From the participating organizations 10 to 12 will be chosen as finalists, of which 2 to 4 will be Caribbean nominees. They then will be given the opportunity to present their initiative in front of the jury and the other participants.

From that point on, the jury will select three winners who will win the Appeltjes van Oranje awards, a bronze statuette created by Princess Beatrix, and a cash prize of € 25.000.

Follow the link below to submit or nominate a project.

Criteria Caribbean submission Appeltjes van Oranje 2022 | Oranje Fonds



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